OD Drill Bushings – Now Laser Engraved

Laser Engraving the OD Drill Bushings

As we have stated in the past, we are attempting to provide useful, durable and professional tools for the Aviation Industry.  These tools are also used by professionals who take pride in their precise work.  OD Drill Bushings Now Laser Engraved.

Improvements with each production run.

Sample of Laser Engraved OD Drill Bushing OD Drill Bushings Now Laser Engraved
Sample of Laser Engraved OD Drill Bushing Head

We have been manufacturing drill bushings and other drilling aids for over a decade.  With each new production run we attempt to improve on the previous release of a particular tool.  Therefore, to meet this goal, we have improved the “Tried and TrueSAS-Canada Outside Diameter Drill Bushing design.  Since the initial release we have employed  our CNC milling machine to mechanically engraved the  outside diameter on the head of the bushing.    On the current release of drill bushing a laser engraver is used to apply the  diameter and other text .

No Big Deal you say…

OD Drill Bushing 27 Piece Set Kit OD Drill Bushings Now Laser Engraved
27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set
Drill Bushing 8 Piece Set Kit OD Drill Bushings Now Laser Engraved
8 Piece Drill Bushing Set (Standard Fastener sizes

Maybe, but none the less it is an improvement in manufacturing process and the resulting consistency and quality.  Functionally the engraving remains almost the same. However  the application of the laser engraved text, presents a crisp, more legible and consistent professional appearance.  This change is just another small design improvement to ensure our line of tools perform better, last longer and stand out in your tool box.

Sold as Individual Bushings or Sets.

We offer Standard OD Drill Bushings in sets of 8 or 27 pieces, as shown above.  Rather than maintaining stock our Ultimate Set of 39 bushings is manufactured and assemble on a made to order basis.  OD Drill Bushings Now Laser Engraved.  We also sell individual bushing to replace missing or damaged bushing from previously purchased drill bushing sets.

Custom Orders Possible

In addition, we manufacture special order custom bushings, in varying lengths, head size and diameter.  Send us your requirements and we will provide an estimate and a CAD drawing of the custom part.

More detailed information

For more detailed information follow this link to our online store


Machining Ideas Into Finished Parts

3 thoughts on “OD Drill Bushings – Now Laser Engraved”

  1. Hello I want to buy or order your 27 Piece OD Drill Bushing Set please let me know how to place a order thanks

    1. Return to this website, then once on our website select the “ONLINE STORE” tab on the top bar of the screen. Simply use the shopping cart to place an order. You can pay online using PayPal or using a credit card. If it easier or if you prefer please provide your shipping address, valid email address and I can send you a PayPal invoice. Our email address is paul@sas-canada.com.

      Paul L. Gervais

    2. If you are still interested in the 27 Piece Drill Bushing set Let me know. I can simplify the buying process by sending you a PayPal Invoice directly. Once we receive acknowledgement from PayPal that the invoice is paid we can ship.
      Regards Paul L. Gervais

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